Monday, October 24, 2011

It must be Fall

Meg's Craft Creations ( is responsible for me going way outside the box and actually doing something crafty for my least favorite holiday.  I do like candy corn, however, so this is a better use for them than going in my mouth.  Thanks Megan! (10/2011)

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

CMA September Style

CMA this month was a hike up to Ensign Peak, which is above the Capital in Salt Lake.  It is only a half mile to the peak with an almost 400' rise in elevation.  The sad fact of the day is how out of shape I am. . .  On the other hand, Trystal and Jeff had already run 4 or 5 miles before they even got there.  You guys are great!


The kids liked the view from the top.  They could see some soccer players that were near where we started and they looked like ants.  Nathan liked the trains in the "yard" because there were so many of them.  Joey and grandpa read about the size of the Great Salt Lake. 

Tawnia provided granola bars, juice and a card with the hiker's mantra "just one more hill, it's flat from there". Fun activity.  I should probably do that everyday.  (9/2011)

Denver in September

Denver in September means Lynn's birthday, a Rockies/Giants baseball game, fireworks, and my nieces wedding.  It was a quick trip packed with fun.  The game was successful since the Giants managed to produce some offense and won the game 9 - 1.  Saturday was the wedding which turned out very nice.  Sometimes a quick trip is all it takes to rejuvenate.  Happy Birthday Lynn, thanks for letting us come out. (9/2011)

9/11 Ten Years Later

I can't believe it has been 10 years since the towers fell in New York City.  Just wondering if we learned anything, if it made us stronger as a country or if the lessons have been forgotten so soon.  We went to the Healing Fields to remember. Sandy City had a new statue placed called "Hope Rising".  We didn't get very good pictures but you get the idea.  (9/11/11)

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Busy Emersyn's Birthday

Emmy has had a rough end of the summer since her activity has been limited because of ITP (see Good Times, Noodle Salad - Tawnia's blog).  I have never seen her so antsy!  We did a couple of projects, took her to the farm so she could ride the horse and feed the goats, watched a man blow glass, visited the dinosaur museum including the new Notion of Motion exhibit, and ate ice cream.  Whew, its tough to just keep up! (9/4/2011)

Daniel Man

This year for Daniel's birthday sleepover at Grandma and Grandpa's house we tried something a little different.  Instead of going somewhere for an adventure we had one at home.  First we started with a trip to Home Depot. 

With a set of plans in hand, Daniel got to shop for the materials to build his own hat/coat tree.  He chose the colors and made sure we had all the pieces.  Grandpa helped him cut and drill.  He painted everything very carefully.

 I think he was pretty happy with the results!  A trip to the pool--without his brothers who "sometimes try to be mean" rounded out the stay.  Success! (9/2/2011)


We took advantage of Aaron & Amy and the girls coming into town and dropped in at the Discovery Gardens to cool the kids off around the Ark.  They also have a little stream where they could float "boats" (aka various pieces of stuff) down.  Ahhhh, summer!  (8/2011)